Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Edalco is a leading Brazilian developer and general contractor providing project management and full construction services, mainly residential and commercial projects.

The company’s philosophy is based on a sustainable business model with a focus on service quality, professional skills­building training, development of new technologies, and respect for the environment


Management Policy

As a company specialized in the construction of residential and commercial projects, Edalco believes that maintaining an adequate and fully documented Quality/Environment Integrated Management System is critical for its growth. Its management policy is based on the motto "Always Do the Right Thing".

But what is “Always Do the Right Thing” all about?

  • It’s about customer satisfaction and delivering products with quality and in a timely manner.
  • It’s about meeting customer requirements, technical standards, applicable laws and other requirements subscribed by Edalco.
  • It’s about ensuring transparency and accountability to investors and developers through planning and cost control.
  • It’s about continuously improving the performance of the company’s Integrated Management System through staff training, employee awareness, and process optimization.
  • It’s about preserving the environment through pollution prevention and significant reduction of environmental impacts.


To be among the top market leaders and stand out for the commitment to our clients' needs, for our sustainable business model and for the transparency of our activities, while respecting the environment, promoting a healthy workplace environment and real opportunities for our employees’ professional growth, and providing a fair financial return to investors, suppliers and partners.


  • Client focus: We make all efforts to fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients and fulfill their dreams
  • Human development: We offer free professional training programs to our employees and contract workers, and also a healthy and respectful work environment.
  • Respect for the environment: We carry out waste management throughout all construction phases, from excavation to environmentally friendly waste disposal.
  • Quality: Our processes are audited and certified by major quality standard setting bodies and recognized by key financial institutions.
  • Integrity: We work in a serious and transparent manner and we stick to the rules governing best practices in the construction sector.
  • Social responsibility: We understand the needs of local communities and seek to meet those needs so as to contribute to the well­being of those living around us.
  • Search for excellence: We continually seek to improve our processes to deliver outstanding services with proven quality.
  • Innovation: We always seek the most modern technological tools as a key support to continuously improve our processes. For this, we entered into a technological agreement with the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo to enable the application of state­of­the­art technology.

Code of Ethics

Ethical Principles

  • Responsibility, honesty, fairness, legality and transparency in our practices.
  • Respect for quality of life, the environment, co­workers, work environment, and ethnic, religious, political, cultural, physical and gender differences.
  • Fulfillment of the company’s mission, vision and values and its information security policy.
  • Respect for the interests of all our stakeholders.
  • Recognition and reward based on merit.
  • Commitment to our employees’ health and safety

Growth Strategies

In seeking strategic growth, Edalco partnered with a major real estate developer in 2009 and together they have built and delivered construction projects all over Brazil. Today these projects exceed 13,000 units totaling over 2 million square meters of built area.

As well as its broad portfolio in high and medium end segments, Edalco is also prepared to meet market needs for low cost products through the Minha Casa, Minha Vida government housing program in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal.